Much of what really matters gets forgotten or left behind in the seasonal melee. This reality inspired Berlin based agency HEIMAT to create this film for online retail store OTTO. 

Building on this OPTIX Berlin & Studio AKA London have created a uniquely relatable animated film, that depicts a family whose lives have become disconnected from each other through the demands of individually busy lives.

Studio AKA Director Marc Craste's breathtakingly beautiful two-minute film depicts a father mother and child, who live out their self-contained lives on separate hands of a clock, sharing increasingly fleeting family moments as time progresses. They soon realize that their busy lives are denying them from one another, and yet, even as the family try to reconnect, the hands of time dramatically turn against them. However, with some perseverance they manage to reunite as a family, instigating the disintegration of their rigidly individual pathways into a myriad of new possibilities...and reiterating that the most precious thing we can give to our loved ones this Christmas is our time.

This utterly captivating and unconventional animated spot was crafted in Maya and composited through Nuke by AKA's talented team of artists. The film will live in full on an Otto Microsite from mid-November, and will also have two teaser like TV spots aired in Germany over the holiday season.

Client: OTTO
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Executive producer: Optix Berlin
Directed by: Marc Craste
Producer: Nikki Kefford-white
Storyboards: Amandine Pecharman
Produced by: Studio AKA

CGI Team:
Character builds: Adam O'Sullivan Avery, Raymond Slattery,
Texturing and Shaders: Vincent Husset, Daniel Garnerone, Paul Nilsson,
Rigging: Miguel Campos, Adam O'Sullivan Avery
Previz: Daniel Garnerone, Vincent Husset, Lucas Vigroux
Animation: Lucas Vigroux, Marie Verhoeven, Gergely Wootsch, Sandra Guarda, India Barnardo, Florian Mounie, Pascale Bories, Chris Singer.
Special Effects: Kristian Fjellerup Oleson, Adam O'Sullivan Avery, Olly Nash, Vincent Husset, Robin Nordenstein.
Compositing: James Gaillard, Vincent Husset, Daniel Garnerone, Will Eagar, Rhys Davidson
Editor: Nic Gill

Sound Studio: Loft Studios Berlin Sound Designer: David Arnold
Music Supervision: Tracks & Fields