First Family

"Nature Knows Best"


For its product launch, NaturNes creators BBH commissioned STUDIO AKA to animate a 60" commercial titled FIRST FAMILY  to promote NaturNes as a natural baby food brand, 

In the film, we follow the First Family, as their caveman clan grows from two to three. Our hero parents have a first taste at parenting; first night's sleep, first burping attempt, first tooth. Challenging at first, our parents come into their own, as their natural instincts emerge. Nature knows best.

Designed by MANDDY WYCKENS and co-directed with MARC CRASTE, the two sought to keep the natural organic feel of the brief by setting our First Family in traditional handcrafted 2D. The pared-back environments allow for the loveable and charismatic family of three to shine. Backed by a team of skilled TV Paint artists, the resulting animation is charming, bright and heartwarming.

Client: Nestle Agency: BBH
Designed by Manddy Wyckens
Direction: Manddy Wyckens & Marc Craste
Production Company: Studio AKA