STUDIO AKA : THREE IRELAND - The Girl and the Cloud
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The Girl
and The Cloud

"You get what you give ..."

In the establishing live action spot, Dublin agency BOYS & GIRLS helped Three Ireland tell the heart-warming Christmas story of one little girl's 'Perfect Surprise', when her Dad brought her back her very own snow cloud. This year's campaign continues that story in animation and imagines what came next ...

This charming 2min 50" film illustrates the ensuing friendship between Anna and her cloud ever since that memorable Christmas morning. For a while everything is all fun & games, but as time passes and seasons change, Anna realises that her cloud is unhappy as the weather gets warmer. As Christmas approaches, Anna's only wish is to return her friend home ...

Adapted & directed by STUDIO AKA's PHILIP HUNT from an original story by the team at Boys & Girls, the film was produced in record time working with a specialist crew assembled at RED KNUCKLES under lead artists MARIO UCCI & RICK THIELE. A dedicated group of animators brought the characters to life within a look which drew directly from original artwork by designers OLGA STERN & AMANDINE PECHARMAN.
Using a projection texturing method to create a unique look somewhere between 2D & 3D, the production team worked round the clock to blend the 2D artwork with 3D Cgi characters, and the final touches were provided by composer Denis Kilty and the wonderful tones of narrator Ciaran Hinds.

Client: Three Ireland
Agency: Boys and Girls
Original Storyline: Boys and Girls
Adapted & Directed by: Philip Hunt
Producer: Sharon Titmarsh
Produced by: Studio AKA & Red Knuckles

Narration: Ciaran Hinds
Original Music: Denis Kilty

Art Direction:
Amandine Pecharman & Olga Stern
Lead CG artists: Mario Ucci & Rick Thiele

Lead Animator: Conor Ryan
Animators: Pascale Bories, Ning-En Chang, Fabiana Ciatti, Juliette Coutellier, Ines Pagniez, Tammy Smith, Paul Torris.

Lighting/Compositing: Mario Ucci. Rick Thiele, Clementine Delcourt, Clarisse Valeix. Modelling/Texturing: Francis-Xavier Martins, Rigging: Laura Trout Editing: Matt Dollings

Artists: Amandine Pecharman, Olga Stern,Tristan Menard, Antoine Birot, Manddy Wyckens, Steve Small

Sound Design: Locky Butler
Violin Darragh McGrath, Cello Matt Rafter

'Last Christmas, Anna’s Dad gave her the most perfect surprise ever ... Her very own Snow Cloud.'



'& she wanted to share this gift with everyone ...'

'This unlikely pair soon became the best of friends…'

' and for a while it was all fun & games.'

'But when spring arrived, things changed ...'

'...and the little cloud became unhappy'

'Anna knew inside that this was no way to carry on.'

'Dad wanted to know what the perfect surprise would be, this year ...'

'… Anna knew straight away.'

'... And this is how Anna found a way to make a perfect Christmas, more perfect still.'

Preparatory Sketch by AMANDINE PECHARMAN
Production Art by OLGA STERN
Production Art by OLGA STERN
Production Art by OLGA STERN
Preparatory Sketch by AMANDINE PECHARMAN