Let's go over that again. Things we are frequently asked.

Q: Do you offer Internships?
A: Yes, on an occasional annual basis we do offer internships, If a place is available we'll post a notice on this page. Our one top tip for applicants is this: BE EXCEPTIONAL!
Q: Do you offer 16 + School work experience?
A: We can't offer school age work experience placements. Sorry.
Q: Will you help me on my thesis?
A: No. We cannot respond to requests for thesis interviews or fill out questionnaires etc.
Q: Will you read my script?
A: No. We do NOT accept or read unsolicited scripts or story ideas for film or TV productions unless it is via a recognised literary agent or by request.
Q: Can you give me feedback on my work?
A: Sorry, but we have to decline all invitations to provide professional feedback or critiques on reels & folios.
Q: Can I visit you?
A: No. However we do organise group visits from students when possible, We are a very small & very busy studio, so forgive us if we can't show you around.
Q: Will you visit us?
A: Maybe...but as much as we love visiting people, if we said yes to every invitation we would never get any work done, so it all depends. We do our best to organise lectures & presentations where we can, and we mentor students from time to time - strictly at our invitation. Contact Production to see if we can come and talk to you, but please understand why if we have to decline...
Q: What software do you use?
A: Pencils, Paper, TV Paint, the entire Adobe Suite and all the tools of Autodesk. Occasionally some cardboard, paint & string...
Q: How long does it take to make your animation?
A: On average – between a few weeks and a few years … Each project is unique and has its own requirements.
Q: How much does your cost?
A: Once we've worked out how much string we need, we cost it accordingly...



We currently have no openings in the studio. But when we do, we post opportunities here & via FACEBOOK &  TWITTER 

We’re always interested in discovering talented & unique creators, designers, animators, concept artists, riggers, coders, assistants, generalists, specialists, writers, directors & production talent. If that sounds like you, introduce yourself via thestudio@studioaka.co.uk

Please note that you will receive an automated acknowledgement of your mail. Don’t be offended, it’s only due to the very high volume of email enquiries we receive on a daily basis. We do look at everything we receive and we will respond further if and where appropriate to follow up.