- Taste -


"...uh oh, those summer nights."


In SAN PELLEGRINO 'TASTE', AKA Director Marc Craste & Art director Manddy Wyckens, have conjured up an intimate rooftop dinner party with an ambience reminiscent of endless summer evenings and good times with friends. Even as night falls the evening need never end as San Pellegrino effortlessly provides the starlight, illuminating the rooftops & streets to spread the party.

Created in a blend of 3D CGI and painted backgrounds, with hand drawn refinements to the animation created by AKA's team of animators and assistants, this delightful spot goes on digital release in June 2016.

Client: San Pellegrino
Direction: Marc Craste/Studio AKA Art Direction: Manddy Wyckens
Production: Blacklist/Studio AKA
Agency: Ogilvy

Play: San Pellegrino 'Taste'