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The MENDED LITTLE HEARTS organization supports children, patients and families suffering from congenital heart disease. To create more awareness of their important work, they commissioned BLACKLIST & STUDIO AKA to create a unique set of animations that illustrate the proposition that the more you donate the better the story gets. There are five different versions of the animation which range from sparse renders in which most if not all the background is invisible, forcing us to rely on sounds and shadows only for instance - through a version with increasingly more apparent elements; and a final complete rendered version. The perception of the same story told in different visual renders makes some subtle differences to how the story is perceived, and rewards the commitment of the viewer with each successive viewing
A bit of background:
This, is Max...

Produced by Studio AKA and directed by Steve Small, the films are now live as part of a Mended Little Hearts online campaign site, and are an imaginative fundraising tool. The more that is pledged to the non-profit organisation the more the story develops, finally revealing a beautiful piece of 3D animation, fully coloured, animated and sound designed emphasizing that every donation helps a family build a better life

Client: Mended Little Hearts
Agency: Saatchi NY
Direction: Steve Small/Studio AKA
Production: Blacklist/Studio AKA



...a special edit of the different versions


...the Final full rendered version


...Side by side.
Concept Designs
Concept Designs
Concept Designs
Concept Designs
Concept Designs
Concept Designs