BLUE DIAMOND - Welcome to Breezeville...

Whistle while you work...

A decidedly whimsical campaign for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk; that features a whistle-stop tour of Breezeville - ...a wholesome town with a nutty edge... - in the company of a very reliable milkman called Al, and his faithful canine companion.

STUDIO AKA, BLACKLIST and Y&R California came together on the campaign - built across TV, Print & web - which is designed to show all the different ways that Almond Breeze can be used as a tasty alternative to other milks. Set to a great track - 'Pinoke' - by Jazz Mills & Daniel James (Gemini Pisces), this disarming spot utilises a playful aesthetic and a flattened render style to create a signature look for Blue Diamond.

This spot also allowed for 3 of our directors to work collectively on brining home the agencies concept and hit all the spots that Blue diamond were aiming for. Oh, & listen out for the directorial whistling as well...

Breezeville '30 / Iced Coffee '15
Client: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk
Agency: Y&R California
Art Director: David Prosser
Animation Director: Steve Small
Supervising Director: Philip Hunt
Production Company: Studio AKA
Exec Producer: Blacklist

Play 'Welcome to Breezeville"
Play 15" Iced Coffee spot