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The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) approached the studio to produce their brand film as part of their re-brand.

Kristian Andrews designed & directed a piece that builds a cinematic world using only the BBFC's famous ratings symbols. This design restriction proved challenging, but we reveled in achieving characterful performances using only a limited pallet of elements. Using Adobe Animate and After Effects as well as some superb sound design and music we brought to life the journey of a beleaguered family attempting to navigate a world of content.

Striking a tone with the viewer as a trusted adviser was hugely important to the client, so script and pacing were key, not to mention paying homage to all the movie moments that we know and love. “This was a fun job that I’m excited to share. Luckily it was awarded a Universal rating by the BBFC, so it is suitable for all!” Kristian says of the project.

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The film will play in cinemas nationwide from Friday 18 October - 4 November before the main feature.

Client: BBFC
Direction: Kristian Andrews
Sound Design: David Pape
Production Company: Studio AKA

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