He can't be real, because there's no real monsters. 

For the brand new live-action Netflix show ALTErED CArBON, Studio AKA were approached by series producers Skydance Productions to animate three segments from the dark tale of THE PATCHWORK MAN as told by young protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs: 

"Once upon a time, in a village in the woods, Mad Mykola threw the town's children into the mill and sewed their bits and pieces together. Into one huge, strong, creepy thing: The Patchwork Man." 

ALTErED CArBON is based on the classic cyberpunk novel by Richard Morgan set 300 years into a dystopian future, where human minds are digitized and downloaded from body to body.  With animation directed by Studio AKA's KRISTIAN ANDREWS, the 'Patchwork Man' debuts in the third episode of the series.

Credit list: 
Client: Skydance Productions 
Direction: Kristian Andrews 
Production Company: Studio AKA 


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